Offended Over Police Case, Drunk Man Climbs On To High Tension Wires In Shabad

12 Mar, 2021 11:16 IST|Sakshi Post

Shabad: One man who was caught in a drunk and drive case created a ruckus in Shabad. He climbed onto the high-tension wires and stirred panic among onlookers. Simultaneously, he also walked on electric wires. He grabbed them as he was about to fall off and hung on. People, watching all this from down looked at him with concern. Everyone requested him to come down. Eventually, the police stepped in. He didn't even listen to the police. The incident took place at Nagar Guda in the Shabad Mandal of Rangareddy district.

Naresh, a resident of Nagar Guda village, was caught in a drunk and drive check conducted by the police. Offended that the police had caught him, Naresh climbed the adjacent high-tension pole. He terrorized everyone with his actions. With this, a large crowd gathered there. And heavy traffic jam ensued. All the locals tried to calm Naresh and bring him down but to no avail.

Shabad CI came to know about this situation and rushed to the spot and tried to convince him via the Microphone to come down. To convince Naresh, the CI said that no case would be filed against him and that he would give him his bike back. At the same moment, Naresh's wife and children too rushed to the spot and cried seeing the situation. With this, he finally agreed to come down. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief after he came down. It is being reported that the police took him into custody for counseling.

A major accident was averted as there was no power supply when Naresh climbed the high-tension pole. Normally, high-tension wires supply millions of volts of electricity. Going too close to it can also cause one to burn. But, Naresh survived the whole thing due to lack of electricity in those wires.

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