Nizamabad Top Cop Demands Bribe To Solve Dowry Case 

17 Apr, 2021 12:39 IST|Sakshi Post
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A woman alleged that SI Narayana of Nizamabad District Women police station was harassing her by demanding money. An audio clip in respect to the incident was released on Thursday at the press club.

According to the details, a woman from Nizamabad married a man from Ghatkesar. She alleged that her husband and in-laws’ have been harassing her for extra dowry. So, the woman lodged a complaint at the police station five months ago.

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She said that SI Narayana recently contacted her about the case and demanded Rs 1 Lakh for solving the problem. The woman released an audiotape of the conversation which says, "If you deposit Rs 1 lakh in my bank account, I will make sure justice is served to you.”

The lady alleged that other policemen too asked her for money. She said that she would complain to the Commissioner of Police regarding this issue. 

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