Nellore TDP Leader Kidnaps Bride

31 Aug, 2021 11:47 IST|Sakshi Post
TDP leader S Satyamreddy Inset: Wedding pic of N Hari and K Umamaheswari

NELLORE: A leader belonging to the Opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Party in Nellore kidnapped a newlywed bride from her in-laws home at the behest of her parents on Sunday.

As per reports the bride Katthi Umamaheswari was abducted by a TDP leader named Satyavolu Satyamreddy of Vidavaluri in Nellore district on Sunday night.

Vidavalur police registered a case on Monday. According to SI Mahendra, the bride Katti Umamaheswari belonged to the SC community in Vidavalur and the bridegroom Nalabai Hari of Annareddypalem was from the ST community. They both were in love for the last five years and as they had attained majority they decided to get married despite parental opposition from the girl’s side. They left home on Saturday night and got married in a temple at Penchalakona. After the marriage, they reached Hari's house in Annareddypalem on Sunday.

On Sunday night, Satyavolu Satyamreddy, along with about 30 other TDP activists went to Hari's house in Annareddypalem in autos and tried to force the bride's into the auto. Her husband Hari intervened and tried to ward him off. In the scuffle that ensued Satyamreddy  allegedly insulted him in the name of caste, pushed him aside, forcibly kidnapped the bride into an auto and kidnapped her.

Nalabai Hari filed an ST/ST atrocity and kidnap case against the TDP leader.  The bride's parents who were against the marriage had approached the TDP leader Satyamreddy as they were TDP sympathizers and had the bride kidnapped. Meanwhile the police are on the lookout for the bride’s whereabouts.

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