NCB Busts Inter-state Drug Racket, Seizes Marijuana Worth Rs 21 Crore

30 Aug, 2021 15:32 IST|Sakshi Post

An inter-state drug racket was busted by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Sunday near Hyderabad ring road and seized more than 3,400 kg of Marijuana which is approximately worth Rs 21 crore. The police arrested three people in connection with the case.

NCB Bengaluru Zone director Amit Ghawate said that a joint team of NCB Bangalore and Hyderabad has seized a truck having Maharashtra registration carrying 3400 kilos of ganja in 141 gunny bags.  He further stated that the seized Marijuana has an approximate on-street selling price of Rs 21 crores.

The ganja was caught when Karnataka has been heavily cracking down on narcotics which are being transported to Bengaluru and other large cities through intricate networks and innovative ways to avoid detection. The Maharastra truck concealed the gunny bags with tarpaulin sheets further covered them with varieties of nursery saplings.

The three arrested persons were suspected to be from the Latur district in neighbouring Maharastra. Amit Ghawate stated that a total of 3,992 kg of ganja was caught during the raids and a total of 16 persons were arrested.  

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