Hyderabad Farmhouse Gambling Case: Gutta Suman Custody Extended

5 Nov, 2021 15:31 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Gutta Suman, the main accused in the illegal gambling case which was conducted in a farmhouse belonging to the family of the Telugu actor Naga Shaurya has been sent to judicial custody for another 14 days by the Upparapally Court on Friday. He was shifted from the court to Charlapally Jail by the Narsingi Police. As per reports Gutta Suman is said to have given evasive answers during police investigation during the initial two-day custody when he was at Chanchalguda jail..That apart, the police were shocked to see the photos and numbers of high-profile people and celebrities from both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on Suman’s phone and call list. Suman is said to have confessed to the police that he had taken people to casinos in Goa, Sri Lanka, Russia, and France. He revealed that he would only take those who were willing to come to other foreign countries for this.

Suman’s gambling and criminal activities started from the Mango orchards of Vijayawada. Gutta Suman is said to be a smooth talker and would walk around with two gunmen, giving the impression that he is a very important person. There are already five complaints registered against Suman for alleged land grabbing in Guntur. Among the victims of a 55-acre land scam in Tandur includes a doctor and a police officer. There are also several criminal cases registered against Gutta Suman in Guntur. Many NRIs have also fallen into Suman's trap. He is said to have allegedly committed large-scale fraud in the name of real estate deals under the name GEscape and Satyasai Homes. He has also cheated people to the tune of crores in the name of Kia car dealership. Suman, who also runs gambling clubs in restaurants, runs a casino called Drive-in Restaurant near Nidamanoor. Gutta Suman also dabbled as news channel director and threatened people using the name of media. He was also said to be involved in financing films.

Gutta Suman, who recently escaped from Vijayawada in a land grabbing case, landed in Hyderabad and continued his nefarious activities. He is said to be a broker for casinos in Sri Lanka and took people there. He was finally caught last week along with 30 others during a raid by the Hyderabad SOT team in the Manchurevula farmhouse after the police received a tipoff about illegal gambling activity being conducted there.

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