Murky Facts Come To Light in Kondapur Woman Assault Case

30 May, 2022 17:17 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Shocking and murky facts about the accused woman have to come to light in the case of a woman who was allegedly raped by five men who were engaged by the accused named Gayatri as she suspected her of having an affair with her live-in partner. The heinous crime took place at Sriramnagar Colony in Kondapur at the residence of Gayatri.

Police said that six people, including Gayatri and the five rapists, have been arrested. The accused were identified as Gayatri, Ulsala Manoj Kumar, 22, Syed Masthan, 25, Sheikh Mujahid, 25, Sheikh Moula Ali, 32, and Pridhvi Vishnu Vardhan, 22. Three of them were said to be working in Gayatri’s house.

Gachibowli police said that Gayatri’s partner Srikanth met the victim at Srikakulam from where he hails. His parents were into selling second-hand clothes for a living. After befriending her he had asked her to stay with Gayatri as she was frequently falling ill. The victim was with her from October 2021 to February 2022. It is alleged that he had an affair with the victim and the accused Gayatri who got to know of this had filed a case at Gachibowli police station in April 2022.

In a pre planned manner Gayatri called the victim and her family members home to Kondapur on May 26 at four o'clock in the evening to withdraw the case.

Gayatri told her parents to stay outside took the victim inside where the five rapists were waiting and had her assaulted, and one of them is said to have raped her.  Gayatri filmed the entire incident and threatened the victim with dire consequences if she went to the police. When she did not come out her parents raised an alarm and the girl who was bleeding profusely was let out and the men fled from there.The victim was taken to the hospital and a case was filed in the Gachibowli PS. 

Meanwhile, Gayatri’s mother Krishnaveni who spoke to Sakshi revealed that her daughter after finishing her BTech had forcibly married a man by filing a rape against him. She lived with him for a couple of years and left him and moved to the city where she had developed a relationship with Srikanth.

When Gayatri came to her parent's house after her father’s death she got into frequent quarrels with her mother Krishnaveni and sister Soujanya. She brought Srikanth into the house and occupy the property she in connivance with Srikanth evicted them from the house and filed cases against them in 2020.

The hapless woman said that Gayatri who was influenced by Srikanth to usurp the property and questioned why the police were not questioning Srikanth’s role in the whole case. They demanded action be taken against Srikanth for harassing them and trying to take their property which was rightfully theirs. She also said that he had sprayed pepper spray on her mother and also stopped the electricity and water supply when they were in the house. When we had gone out of the house for a brief period they completely occupied the property and even set the dogs on to them. They alleged that CI Suresh in the Gachibowli Station had ignored their pleas and was siding Gayatri. They demanded that justice be meted out and that Srikanth also be questioned by the police.

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