Mulugu: Did The Husband Kill Wife Or Was It A Suicide?

18 Mar, 2021 11:36 IST|Sakshi Post

Guniganti Praveen Kumar of Eturunagaram Mandal, Mulugu district married a girl from Hanuman Nagar Colony last year after falling in love with her. They had a 4-month-old baby. Praveen used to drive an auto-rickshaw for a living. Everything was going fine until they started facing financial problems. Praveen got addicted to alcohol.

He often quarrelled with his wife over drinking alcohol and repeatedly promised to mend his ways in the presence of elders. Locals allege that he killed his wife with a solid plan due to financial problems. He was accused of pouring petrol on his wife and trying to kill her.

But according to the accused (Praveen, the couple had a fight as usual on Tuesday night. He said that his wife poured petrol on herself and warned him that she would kill herself by setting herself on fire. Though he tried to extinguish it, his wife died. He stated that the Police arrested him while all the locals came and detained him.

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