Mother From Sweden Allegedly Locked Up Her Son For 28 Years

2 Dec, 2020 15:04 IST|Sakshi Post

SWEDEN: A 70 year old woman allegedly kept her son locked up in their flat for 28 years. The mother was arrested on the charges of having kept her 41-year old son in harsh conditions at their Stockholm apartment in Sweden.

The woman was held for depriving her son of freedom and liberty. It was reported that the boy was malnourished and had bruises all over his body. It was like he had no teeth at all.

Recently the mother was admitted to the hospital due to some health issues. During this time a relative went to the apartment for some work when she found the man in the kitchen. She was horrified upon seeing the scene in front of her. The apartment looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned since forever. The place smelled awful as it was covered in urine and dust.

The relative spoke with the son and he was able to talk but his speech was a bit slurry. There were signs of physical harm and violence. According to the reports in Associated Press, the man has now been admitted to the hospital and is getting treated for his injuries.

Talking about the incident one of the neighbors said that it is sad how in all these years no one from social services checked on the boy; nor did the school make an attempt to check on their student when he didn’t show up to class.

According to the reports, the mother took her son out of school when he was in 6th or 7th class. Since then she has kept her son locked up in their flat. The woman is denying all these charges and said that she did not harm her son.

Police have restricted anyone’s entry into the flat and have now marked it as a crime scene. Further investigation is being carried out.

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