Moroccan Woman Murdered Lover; Served His Genitals To Workers

10 Feb, 2021 13:43 IST|Sakshi Post

Morocco: In a bizarre and shocking incident, a Moroccan woman was accused of killing her lover and then cooking off his private part as a treat, which she later served to the victim’s worker friends.

The accused is a 30 year-old Moroccan woman who allegedly killed her longtime boyfriend when he revealed his plans of marrying someone else. The couple had been together for seven years and she wanted to marry him. But the man was 10 years younger to her and decided on marrying someone else. This threw off the woman.

The woman in a fit of rage decided to murder the man. She didn’t just kill him but planned everything in order to dispose of his body. She first killed the man and then cooked his genitals as a part of a traditional Arabian dish called Machboos.

A Machboos is a very famous dish and is similar to Hyderabadi Biryani. It is a mixture of rice, meat and some veggies. The woman replaced the meat which is typically supposed to be Chicken or lamb, with the cooked private part and served the dish to some construction workers who were also the man’s friends. The workers ate her Machboos, oblivious of the dish’s reality.

After that, she took the body and fed it to the dogs. Even the bones were enjoyed by the dogs. She planned everything and decided her method to dispose of the body. When the victim’s brother came to the woman’s house in search of him, he couldn’t find anything, not even the body. The only thing he was able to recover was a single tooth which he found in the blender.

A case was registered and upon investigation, the police were able to uncover the truth. The woman allegedly committed to the crime. She was sent to a hospital where her mental condition is being examined. 

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