More Women Smartphone Users Targeted and Blackmailed by Fraudsters, Cybercriminals

14 Jul, 2021 16:13 IST|Sakshi Post

The cops are being challenged by cybercriminals. Girls are being targeted by criminals. They are blackmailing them using their personal details. As a result, the police advise that certain safeguards be taken.

Users of smartphones are not immune to new issues. If you thought that the data stored in the secret folders in your smartphone like photos, pictures, documents, voice notes or conversations with your loved ones are safe, you are mistaken. If you don't already know by now, criminals target such vulnerabilities and exploit them. Even married women are targeted by these crooks.

Blackmail is being used on the spouse to get him to divulge hidden truths. Cybercriminals are particularly enthusiastic about new technology that emerges from time to time. The faster technology advances, the more cybercriminals update their skills. Passwords and OTPs are being uncovered by falsifying phone numbers, especially those used by girls. They threaten you with revealing personal information if you don't provide them with the information that they need. Similar incidents have been on the rise recently.

Criminals have issued a new challenge to cops who claim to be investigating cybercrime. The number of fake calls for bank account information is increasing. Money is being robbed in an increasing number of situations. Gangs that demand money to pay insurance policies and deposits, on the other hand, have risen since. 

You may even received calls from fraudsters sounding all genuine about providing jobs in a large corporation. They may claim that your SIP isn't working, your account has been hacked, that your cards aren't working out that you need to report your OTP right away, or that you need to install an operating system like Any Desk. If you face any such situation or receive such calls, be sure that you are putting yourself at risk of harassment.

Even if the phone is stolen or lost, or even if the phone is sold second hand could land you in trouble. Some of them are using the information stores on those phones to blackmail and obtain sensitive information. Criminals threaten gullible users with their personal details and using the information against them.

Residents of Visakhapatnam have been targeted by cybercriminals in recent days. The city of Visakhapatnam has the most instances of cybercrimes in the state. Cybercriminals are targeting women in particular. Taking personal information and issuing threats based on the information gathered is on the rise. 

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