Monster Rapist Films Act With Partner's Baby Niece, Arrested in Ireland

27 Feb, 2021 13:26 IST|Sakshi Post

A 59-year-old man filmed himself raping his partner's baby niece in Ireland. He has been jailed for 16 years subjected the six-month-old child to a "violent and degrading sexual assault. As per a report, the accused, who is a dad himself, also secretly recorded four other girls when they used the bathroom.

The offences of the accused came to light in 2019 when an anonymous envelope delivered to a garda station, containing a memory card and handwritten note to arrest "this monster". Prosecutor Sean Gillane SC told the court that the note delivered on August 14, 2019, said the card contained a clip of an infant being sexually abused by the defendant.

The detective had testified that the memory card contained 20 three-minute clips of adult and children females using a toilet at the man's home. The defendant could be seen coming into the bathroom and fixing the position of the camera in the majority of the clips. The accused was in a relationship with a woman since 2012 and the couple would babysit her nieces from time to time in the defendant's flat. The man's partner told police she would occasionally leave him alone with the young children but was unaware of the offences.

He pleaded guilty last year to two counts of oral rape, one count of attempted oral rape and five counts of sexual assault of the then six-month-old baby. He also pleaded guilty to five counts of production of child pornography of the baby and the four older children. The accused further pleaded guilty to four counts of possession of child pornography at his home in the Midlands on dates from February to August 2019.

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