Mom Has Poisoned Ice Cream To End Life, Kid Eats Leftover And Dies

20 Feb, 2021 11:16 IST|Sakshi Post

Mother bought rat poison to kill herself, but the 4-year-old son dies after eating poison mixed ice cream accidentally.

Kanhangad: A very sad incident of four-year-old Adwaith’s death was mysterious. He had continuous vomitings and died in hospital last Friday. The Hosdurg police said that he was “accidentally” poisoned by his mother.

Hosdurg station house officer inspector Mani P K said the boy’s mother Varsha, 28 bought rat poison to end her life, she mixed it with an ice cream. But the little boy consumed the ice cream mixed with rat poison. The tragic turn of events came to light when the young woman and her sister Drishya, 19, fell sick after the boy died, the officer said.

Drishya and Varsha are battling for their lives. Varsha is admitted to Aster MIMS in Kozhikode and Drishya to Kannur Government Medical College Hospital at Pariyaram. The officer said Adwaith’s autopsy report was yet to be concluded as the boy had vomited a lot. The viscera have been sent for forensic testing. 

Poison yet to be traced by cops 

Varsha reported to police, that she thought of ending her life so she mixed the poison in the ice cream and had it on Thursday (February 11). 

According to her statement, she felt weak and went to sleep. When she woke up, the two boxes of ice cream on the table were missing. Her children, Adwaith,4, and Nissan, 2, and her sister Drishya ate them. “Since none of them showed any symptoms of poisoning, Varsha kept silent,” said the inspector.

Later in the night, Adwaith started vomiting and the family thought it was due to the biriyani bought from the neighbouring restaurant. 

“Varsha did not have any symptoms, she thought it must not be the rat poison,” said the officer. “She was not aware of how rat poison works. It hits the liver and acts slowly taking down the weaker ones first,” he said. By the next morning, Adwaith was down with frequent vomiting and died in the hospital. The day after that, Varsha’s younger sister Drishya fell ill on Monday (February 15).

“We managed to get Varsha’s statement only on Tuesday,” Mani said. After Adwaith’s death, the police checked the house but could not find traces of poison, he said. Varsha, her two sisters, their mother, and her two children were living in the house at Ajanur Kadapuram near Kanhangad.

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