KFC Employee Rams Into Pregnant Woman Near Miyapur

22 Jun, 2021 16:09 IST|Sakshi Post
Accident Victim

Hyderabad: An accident had come to light three days after it happened, where an employee of a fast-food chain rammed his bike into a pregnant woman while she was crossing the road near Miyapur police limits. The youth who had studied till Intermediate was said to be working with KFC and was driving at a high speed during the time of the incident. Not only was he driving without a license and valid documents, but he was also overspeeding and had rammed into the pregnant woman on her way home while she was crossing the road on her way to Kukkatpally. The woman Bhanoth Achhibayini who was working as a labourer near Madinaguda was eight months pregnant and had to be admitted to the hospital nearby and underwent an abortion due to the heavy injuries.

Onlookers had caught the youth who tried to escape and handed him over to the police, who had arrived on the scene after receiving the information, about the accident. A was case registered against the youth.

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