Medak: A Couple’s Quarrel Turns Into A Deadly Knife Fight

19 Jan, 2021 17:09 IST|Sakshi Post

A small quarrel that started between spouses led to a huge ugly fight and escalated to both attacking the other with knives, where each tried to prove that they were better than the other.

Medak: The incident took place at Muppireddypalli in Manoharabad zone of Medak district on Monday. A couple's quarrel turned into a huge fight and then led to an attack with knives. Arun and Anju, a couple from Assam, migrated to Muppireddypalli for employment some years ago. They have three children. Arun works as a porter in the local seed industry and supports his family.

Arun, who went out on personal work on Monday, returned home after a while. At that moment Anju was sleeping in an empty room next door. The altercation started when Arun asked his wife why she was sleeping there. The couple got into a heated argument. Arun angrily injured his wife with a knife. Anju also brought a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her husband.

Police immediately rushed to the spot and stopped the couple upon receiving a call from the locals. The two critically injured were rushed to Toopran Government Hospital in 108 ambulances. The clash between the couple became a hot topic in the village.

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