UP Man Set Ablaze By Own Family Members

10 Jan, 2021 12:00 IST|Sakshi Post

BADAUN: In a shocking incident that took place in Badaun, a man was allegedly set ablaze by his own family members. Identified as Mohammad Aamir (55), the man refused his daughter’s love affair and did not accept their relationship.

Days later, the daughter along with Aamir’s son, wife and his nephew poured petrol on him and set him on fire. The man suffered serious burn injuries and was admitted to the hospital. Before his death, Aamir told everything to the police in a statement that was recorded in the hospital.

The man succumbed to the burn injuries and died in the hospital. The autopsy report confirmed the same. The police registered a case against the family members. An FIR was filed under Section 307.

On January 5, Aamir was found at his home with severe burn injuries. The police rushed him to the hospital. He died on Friday night. With no family beside him, the last rites were performed by the neighbors and few distant family members.

Love has often caused chaos and in Uttar Pradesh, such incidents take place often. Honor killing still prevails. Family members take lives of their loved-ones in the name of love or for the sake of dignity. There are two similar instances where alleged extra-marital affairs became the reason for death of a person.

Fatehpur, UP - Honor Killing (Jan 10)

An instance from today itself. A man shot his own newly-wed daughter upon predicting an extra-marital affair. The in-laws refused to accept the girl and said that she was still in touch with her alleged ex-lover. The father, Chandra Mohan, in rage over daughter’s affair, killed her by firing shots at her.

Bhadohi, UP – (December 2020)

In a very confusing incident, A woman allegedly killed her husband over his extra-marital affair with son’s wife. The man was having an affair with his younger son’s wife. Angered over this illegitimate relationship, the man’s wife and elder daughter-in-law slashed his throat and killed him.

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