Man Does Push-Ups On Moving Car, Check Police Reaction!

16 Mar, 2021 15:17 IST|Sakshi Post

A video of a young man doing push-ups on a moving car in the middle of a road has gone viral. The dangerous video caught the attention of the netizens and it has even reached the Uttar Pradesh Police. After watching the video, the UP Police rewarded him with Rs 25,000 challan.

The UP Police shared the video in which the young man is seen doing push-ups on a moving car. However, later in the video, the person was seen apologising to the police for doing the stunt. The video also features SSP Firozabad Ajay Kumar, who talks explains that a challan had been issued against the person. 

The video clip ends with an advisory for people not to get involved in such stunts that can become a punishable offence. The caption of the video reads, "Some Pushups will only bring you down in the eyes of Law! Stay Strong, Stay Safe!.”

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