Man Attempts Self Immolation In Front Of Kanigiri Bus Stand

24 Mar, 2021 13:17 IST|Sakshi Post

A man attempted self-immolation in front of the Kanigiri bus stand in Prakasam district. According to the reports, a driver named Karimullah working at the Kanigiri RTC depot was ordered to go on service duty on Tuesday. He said that he was not well and could not do service duty and requested the higher authorities to allot him, charge duty. When Karimullah contacted DM Ramakrishna, he said that the duty will not be changed and warned him that he would be suspended if he won't go to work. Annoyed with the DM, Karimullah made an immolation bid by pouring petrol on himself.

The other workers who noticed Karimullah immediately responded and thwarted his attempt.  Karimullah alleged that he could not bear the harassment by DM and RTC CI anymore. High drama has been created in front of the Kanigiri bus stand.

After learning about the driver's suicide attempt, city panchayat chairman Shaikh Abdul Gaffar came to the depot and questioned DM Ramakrishna. There was a heated argument between Gaffar and the DM. ASI Rami Reddy discussed with them and pacified both of them. The DM said that he was performing his duties as per the rules. He said that all the buses going to Vijayawada have Tim facility. He said that he did so because there were no buses with two drivers.

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