Mahbubnagar Mtech Aspirant Ends Life, Reason A Mystery

2 Feb, 2021 14:03 IST|Sakshi Post

Vivek said he was going to the bank.

Vivek's body was identified in the bushes.

Family members are in mourning.

Mahbubnagar: A 24-year-old young man has committed suicide. Parents are weeping over the death of a child who would have soon gone abroad otherwise. The tragic incident took place in Nagar Kurnool district.

Vivek, an MTech student, committed suicide by pouring petrol on himself near a bush on Monday on Nallavelli Road in the district headquarters. Vivek came out of the house around 11 am. He said he was going to the bank for some work and he came out on his scooter.

The parents were worried that Vivek did not come home till the evening. They started looking around for him but couldn't find him. The people wandering in the area identified him and this led to the identification of Vivek, and then the police were informed.

Police arrived at the scene and found the young man who had committed suicide. It was confirmed that it was Vivek, who is the second son of Ashok and Shobharani couple from Srinagar colony in the district headquarters. Immediately Police informed his parents. Ironically, Vivek had recently paid Rs 7.5 lakhs for a visa to travel to Italy. The family members are now mourning the untimely death of their youngest son.

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