Madurai: Three Members of Family Commit Suicide Due To Depression

1 Dec, 2020 17:01 IST|Sakshi Post

MADURAI: In a tragic incident, depressed over the death of the family head, a woman and her two daughters ended their lives by hanging in their house on Monday night. Before ending their lives, they poisoned their pet dog too.

A few months ago, the woman's husband Arun Pandiyan (44) died of a health problem. As per details available, the deceased has been identified as A Valamarthi (38) and her daughters A Aliga (20) and A Preethi (17). Valamarthi’s husband, Arun was a building contractor and shifted to Madurai from Trichy. Arun had suffered from a health problem and to undergo treatment they stayed in Varamathi’s sister Saraswati's house in Madurai. However, he died in July. After his death, they were unable to come to terms with his death and died by suicide.

Saraswati’s husband informed the police, as they did not open the door. They found a suicide note near the family photo. In the letter, Varamathi mentioned that their assets were to be handed over to her mother Lakshmi and the daughters said it was difficult for them to live without her father. They asked to bury their pet dog along with them. The bodies have been shifted to Madurai Government Hospital for post mortem and Madurai police are examining other angles as well.

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