Madanepalle Double Murder Case: New Twist Revealed, Read To Know More!

28 Jan, 2021 13:34 IST|Sakshi Post

New twist in the double murder case with exorcist details uncovered.

Padmaja and Purushottam were examined by doctors in the sub-jail.

It was revealed that the couple is mentally unstable.

Madanapalle: The Madanapalle double murder case is undergoing a new turn. Subramaniam, an exorcist from Bugga Kaluva, spoke to the media on Wednesday night. He said that he was a devotee of Goddess Durga and had been healing many people for 50 years.

On Saturday morning, Sai Chitra Bhaskar, the brother-in-law, had told Subramaniam that his cousins were very serious and unstable and took him to Purushottam Naidu and Padmaja's home so that he could be of help. At that time a girl's screams were said to be heard from upstairs at their home. The girls' mother came and asked him to perform certain black magic for her children to help them attain salvation and be resurrected in the golden era (Satyug).

Subramaniam, an exorcist talking to the media

After performing the black magic rituals on them, it was revealed that they had to bring worship materials, like coconuts and amulets from near the temple of Sri Venkataramana Swamy. After visiting the temple and on their way back home they noticed that a slender man was sitting next to the girls and blowing a ceremonial cone near their ears. He told reporters that he had returned home after this. He was given Rs 300 for the chanting and black magic rituals. He said he did not know what happened to them after that. This raises many suspicions about the killings.

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The cause is a mental illness!

Radhika, a psychiatrist at the district hospital, after examining said that the accused, in the sensational double murder case, Padmaja was seen meditating in a trance while worshiping Lord Shiva in the sub-jail room. Prison officials placed her in a special barracks because she was mentally unstable. Purushottam Naidu was kept in a common barracks with other prisoners. Prison staff said they sang hymns while meditating in a trance on the 'Om Namasivaya' chant on Tuesday night without falling asleep.

Dr. Rajarao describing the mental state of the accused

Radhika and Lakshmi Prasad are the medical experts who were called upon by the Superintendent of Police, Ramakrishna Yadav. Dr. BV Rajarao reached the sub-jail and examined Padmaja and Purushottam Naidu. It was later revealed that Purushottam Naidu had said that their children had died for the welfare of the world. He also was noted saying that despite the pain of losing his children, he is optimistic that they will soon be happy.

Padmaja, however, was said to have kept chanting that, "I am Shiva. I will keep my children alive". The accused were found to be suffering from a serious mental illness called 'delusion'. They are imagining a new world for themselves and living in the same illusion.

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It was revealed by the Doctor that they killed their children due to a delusion in a trance-like state. Authorities have been advised to look for the source of treatment for the disease and send them to a team of psychologists in Vizag or Tirupati for an assessment. BV Rajarao said the accused were in good physical condition even though their mental state was not normal. The jail superintendent on Wednesday asked the court to grant permission to move the accused to Tirupati as per the doctors' recommendation.

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