Madanapalle: Only 4 Kids Of Family Survive Kurnool Road Mishap

16 Feb, 2021 10:54 IST|Sakshi Post

In the Kurnool mishap, 14 people including a child died as a bus and truck collided. The bus which was carrying 18 people have hit the road divider at a high speed and collided with the lorry coming from the opposite direction. Only 4 children survived the accident. Out of 14 Dead, 12 people belong to the same family.

If all went as planned, the family from Madanapalle will have to travel from Ajmer via Kurnool and Hyderabad. Along with the family head Nazira Bee (65), her sons Dastgiri, Rafi, Jafar Vali, three cousins, daughter Nauzia, Rafi's daughter Rihan and two daughters of Dastgiri were killed in the accident. Along with them, Rafi's mother - in - law Aamir Zan, the owner of the vehicle, driver Nazir and car mechanic Shafi, along with three others were killed.

Nazira Bee (65) and Sheikh Imam Saheb had five children. However, Nazira Bee's husband Sheikh Imam Saheb died of tuberculosis 20 years ago. The responsibility of children was taken by Nazira alone. The three brothers worked at conducted Gaussia’s marriage. But, Gaussia died after giving birth to a child. Since then, she has been looked after by this family. All the family members used to dine together on Sundays and other special days.

Nazira Bee, who has seen many ups and downs in her life, often tells her children to go to the Ajmer Dargah at least once. As Jafar Wali's business plummeted, everyone decided to go to Ajmer Dargah together. Eventually, all but four children were killed in the accident. The whole country was shocked to see this heartbreaking event. AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has given Rs. 2 lakh ex gratia. However, when the family is left without an elder, the question remains as to what will be the future of these children.

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