Madanapalle: Fight Over Mobile Phone Leads To Couple's Suicide

2 Apr, 2021 12:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Chittoor: A tragic incident took place in Chittoor District. A couple tried to commit suicide due to a fight over a mobile phone. In the couple's attempt to commit suicide, only the husband was successful. The wife survived the suicide attempt and is now being treated at the hospital.    

As per reports, Chandrasekhar, who lived in the Anngallu SC ward of Kurabalakota Mandal, worked as a porter. He is survived by his wife Lakshmi Devi and their four daughters.

His family members did not know that Chandrasekhar had a mobile phone. However, it emerged that Chandrasekhar had a mobile phone, which he hid from everyone. Unfortunately for him, his wife Lakshmi Devi somehow found out that Chandrasekhar had a mobile phone which he used secretly.

Lakshmi Devi questioned Chandrasekhar about who he keeps calling all the time secretly. The couple kept fighting over this for several days in a row. On Wednesday also, the couple fought over the same issue. But on Thursday afternoon, Chandrasekhar went into the room and consumed pesticide, attempting to commit suicide. Lakshmi Devi, who noticed this, immediately did the same too.

Seeing them in an unconscious state, the family members immediately came to their rescue and took them to the Madanapalle District Government Hospital. Sadly, Chandrasekhar did not survive even after the treatment he received at the hospital. But Lakshmi Devi, who was also admitted to the hospital, survived the suicide attempt and is currently undergoing treatment. Police have registered a case and are thoroughly investigating the case.   

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