Lust For Maid Proves Costly For Man, As Murder Plan Fails

15 Dec, 2020 18:00 IST|Sakshi Post

VIJAYAWADA/TADEPALLI RURAL:  A fruit seller who developed feelings for his maidservant, planned to eliminate her husband with the help of friends from his hometown, but with plan backfiring, he was arrested by the Guntur cops.

Tadepalli Circle Inspector Ankamma Rao revealed the details of the case at a press conference on Monday evening, along with CI Subramanyam, SIs Vinod, Balakrishna and IT Core staff Balaraju.

As per details Basula Achyuta Rao and his wife migrated to Vijayawada from East Godavari district for a better livelihood. Achyuta Rao worked as  plumber in Machavaram Down area, while his wife worked as a maid. Achyuta Rao slowly became addicted to alcohol and would often beat his wife and children without giving him any money. Achyuta Rao's wife used to work in the house of the accused Yamarthi Subba Rao's, home. Subba Rao meanwhile developed feelings for her and tried to coerce her into a relationship with him. The woman warned him that if her husband got to know of it, he would kill both of them. Subba Rao then hatched a plan to eliminate her husband and approached Bandlamudi Venu, who lived in Chilavuru in Duggirala mandal  for help and offered him One lakh rupees for the job. He in turn called up four of his friends from Mangalagiri mandal about the offer and they met Subba Rao and struck a deal to kill Achyuta Rao for One lakh rupees.

Achutha Rao, who had gone to drop his wife at her work place, had to stop midway as his bike ran out of fuel. He told her to go on her own and was standing on the road at Machavaram Down. Three of the accused came there on a two wheeler and  kidnapped  Achutha Rao who was in an inebriated state, on their bike. They took him to Gundimeda Road via Sithanagaram, Buckingham Canal and Tadepalli. Two of the other accused who were already waiting there, beat the victim and while trying to slit his throat, missed aim and slashed his face. The badly injured man started shouting and passersbys stopped to check what had happened. The five of them ran away from the scene when they came closer.

 Tadepalli Rural Police registered a case and questioned the victim as to what had happened. He revealed the conversations between the accused and said that one of them said,''call Gopi anna" and while trying to kill him they asked him to call his wife and get Rs One Lakh. As she didn't have a phone, he called Subba Rao and asked him to give her the phone. He told her that the kidnappers were demanding money.

Meanwhile the Police started examining the call data of Yamarthi Subba Rao  and saw that there were a series of calls made to Gopi before and after the murder attempt. They called him for questioning and during interrogation he confessed to have hatched the plan to kill Achyuta Rao with the other five accused.

He said that Achutha Rao's two cellphones were thrown into a canal at Revendrapadu and the call data logs also showed that the accused spoke to Subba Rao from there . Based on the call data the police caught the other five accused. One of them was a Medical Lab technology student at Mangalagiri NRI Hospital and the others were small traders  from Duggirala and Tadepalli. The six accused were arrested and produced before the court, CI Ankamma rao said.

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