Kuwait Woman Hides Daughter's Corpse In Bathroom For Years

29 Oct, 2021 13:02 IST|L Manisha

A 60-year-old mother kept the body of her deceased daughter in the bathroom of her house in the Salmiya area, Kuwait, for five years. The incident came to light on Wednesday.  it is learnt that Salmiya police received a report from a young man stating that a body was found inside his family's bathroom and that the skeleton belonged to his sister. 

A police patrol went to the house and upon inspection the security guards found a skeleton inside the closed bathroom. According to the investigation reports, the mother admitted to imprisoning her daughter, cutting off all her freedom of movement. The women served food and drink to the daughter till she died in 2016. 

The police said that the woman was scared to confess the truth to the security authorities about the incident. The victim's remains were sent to forensics to determine the circumstances and reasons for the girl's tragic death. The mother and her son were charged with murder and referred to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

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