Kochi Models' Drinks Spiked, Claims Anonymous Message to Police

22 Nov, 2021 12:20 IST|Sakshi Post

The drinks consumed by the models who died in a car crash in Kochi on November 1 were allegedly spiked, according to an anonymous message received by police.

Kochi Models' Death: The drinks consumed at the party at No. 18 hotel by the models that died in the car crash on November 1 were allegedly spiked, according to an anonymous message received by the police.

Investigators were unable to get blood samples from the deceased models, Ansi Kabeer and Anjana Shajan, so little progress is anticipated in this direction.

The authorities needed to locate the missing CCTV images from the "No 18" hotel, where the party was held, to authenticate the message, which claimed that the models were duped into consuming narcotics.

Ansi and Roy were acquaintances.

Ansi Kabeer and Roy Vayalat, the hotel's owner, have known one another for years, according to the investigators.

According to the police, Roy and Ansi's mother both attended the same college in Kochi and were members of the same alumni association. Ansi and her pals were invited to the DJ party at Roy's hotel because of their friendship with Roy.

Saiju's presence

According to the authorities, Saiju Thankachan, who organised drug parties at the hotel, was among those present at the DJ party attended by the models.

The police remand report states, "His intervention proved deadly for the models."

As per reports, Saiju invited Ansi and Anjana to a private drug party following the DJ party. On the other hand, they declined to go to the drug party.

Per the police complaint, Muhammed Ashik and Abdul Rahman, who were accompanying the two models, were then purposefully supplied with excessive amounts of booze.

As per the latest anonymous message, the two models were also offered soft drinks laced with narcotics.

Police have hit a snag.

"The bail granted to Roy and his staff within 24 hours of their arrest is a big blow to the police investigation.

The police officer stated that "the police had missed an opportunity to apprehend the hotel owner and his personnel and collect the hotel's CCTV footage, which had gone missing."

Legal experts say that in most cases, the court would not issue bail to an offender whose custody has been requested by the police.

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