Khammam Police Solves Biker Injection Murder Mystery

21 Sep, 2022 14:19 IST|Sakshi Post

KHAMMAM: Police have reportedly solved the case related to the murder of bike rider who was administered a poisonous injection shot, and detained four persons including the wife of the deceased.

The deceased identified as Shaik Jamal Saheb of Bopparam village in Chintakani mandal was killed by a stranger, whom he had offered a ride on his bike near Mudigonda mandal in the district on Monday. The incident sent shock waves across the district and the Mudigonda police where the incident took place took up the case on a priority basis as per the directions of Khammam Commissioner of Police Vishnu S Warrier.  They formed four teams to nab the accused and based on the call records of the deceased’s wife Imam Bi, the police cracked the case within two days.

Imam Bi, Goda Mohan Rao, and an RMP doctor named  Bandi Venkanna, were reportedly taken custody by the police late Tuesday evening.The other person named  Narasimsetti Venkatesh is yet to be detained.

According to sources, it is reported that Imam Bi and Mohan Rao were having an illicit affair and Jamal Saheb was coming as an obstacle between them. They had been plotting to eliminate Jamal for the past two months. Imam Bi had apparently kept the poisonous injection at home in an attempt to administer it but could not do so as she could not muster the courage or find the opportune moment to do it.

They finally executed the plan on Monday when Jamal Saheb had gone to visit his married daughter in Gundrai village near NTR district of Andhra Pradesh. Mohan Rao and Venkatesh came to the place on Monday morning on a two-wheeler. When Jamal Saheb was returning on the bike Venkatesh stopped him asking for a lift. When they went forward he is said to have injected Jamal with the lethal injection on his thigh, and when Jamal asked him what he had done, he jumped off the bike and left on the bike with Mohan Rao who was waiting there. With the help of a few bystanders, Jamal who became unconscious was admitted to a Primary Health Care Center nearby where he succumbed. Police registered a case of unnatural death and also recovered a syringe on the spot.

Police who were checking the call data of his family members zeroed on his wife’s call data. It was reported that she had been in touch with the other three accused since early morning on Monday which proved to be her undoing.

An official statement from the police is likely to be issued by the Khammam Police on Wednesday about the details of the case.

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