It Was All High Drama: Rachakonda Commissioner Of Police Reveals Shocking Details About Pharmacy Student Rape

13 Feb, 2021 15:28 IST|Sakshi Post

A 19-year-old Pharma student escaping sexual assault case investigation closed with an anti-climatic finish that no such incident took place and that the girl has been bluffing all along, police said.

On late Wednesday, police informed that they rescued a 19-year-old pharmacy college student from her alleged abduction, rape and murder attempt near Nagaram village in Ghatkesar. She had accused an auto-rickshaw driver and three others of the incident. The police informed that they were able to track the van carrying her based on the signals from mobile phone and later, found her in semi-undressed and a ‘traumatic’ state.

The case was booked under relevant sections of IPC for abduction and attempt to rape and murder. An investigation followed. As the case become a sensation and grabbed the attention of the people, as many as ten special teams were formed to apprehend the accused.

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 However, there were a lot of discrepancies that were observed when the evidence collected was compared with the girl’s statement. Upon questioning, she confessed that it was her plan to elope from home due to family issues. “Due to police involvement, she panicked, weaved a false story and wrongly accused auto-rickshaw driver,” Rachakonda police said, in a statement.

She said she took off her clothes herself. She asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture. She turned out to like kidnapping. Six months ago it was reported that the girl had told a kidnapping story to her friend.

She has a good understanding of the subject of kidnapping. No one kidnapped or raped her. According to local media reports, the girl got down from the auto-rickshaw and then left with her partner on a motorcycle. It was evidently seen on the closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. The police, however, refused to throw more light on this angle.

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