Hyderabad: French Woman Killed By Adopted Daughter and Friends

12 Sep, 2021 15:14 IST|Sakshi Post
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HYDERABAD: The mystery behind the murder of the 68-year-old missing French woman named Marie Christene De Rochemonteix was solved on Saturday with police arresting her adopted daughter and her two friends. The lady went missing on September 9th  and her dead body was found near Himayathsagar in Hyderabad on Saturday evening.

The police later arrested three accused in relation to this case. Speaking to the media N Prakash Reddy, Deputy Commissioner of Police Shamshabad Zone, Cyberabad revealed the details of the case. He said that the  Rajendranagar Police received a complaint on September 9 from the woman's son-in-law, Prashanth, claiming his mother-in-law was missing.

The victim, Marie Christene was the founder and chairman of the Marica Higher Educational Society in Hyderabad, where she provides education for poor students and was living in Sun City are near Langar Houz. She moved to India 30 years ago and had settled at Dargah Khaleej Khan in Rajendernagar in Hyderabad to serve the poor and orphans.

Maire had two biological daughters, Marie Solangi  who lived in Hyderabad and Rebecca who lived in Pondicherry, as well as two adopted daughters, one being the accused Roma.

 Marie Christene had created a profile of Roma in a matrimony website where the girl befriended one Vikram Sriramulu (25) of Tadipatri, Anantapur district. Both of them started living in together to which Marie objected. They both took up a place at Kondapur and were staying there. Roma and her boyfriend Vikram allegedly plotted to kill the victim and take her money.

On the morning of the 8th of this month, Roma went to meet her mother and asked her for some money. She asked her to drop her at the school in Tolichowki.Maire went to drop her there. Meanwhile, Vikram and his friend Rahul Gautham were already waiting at Marie’s house. When she reached home, Vikram and Rahul scaled the walls and entered her house and strangled her with a rope, and killed her. They took the body in her car and dumped it in the Chaudhammagutta near Himayat Sagar lake. They took her laptop and transferred Rs 2 lakh from her bank account to Roma's account.

Prashant who was the husband of her own daughter Marie Solangi, who lived in Bandlaguda at Sun City lodged a complaint with the police after she went missing on the 8th of this month. The murder case came to light when the police who registered the case launched an investigation and suspected Roma’s role in the crime after they found a transfer of Rs 2 lakh from the deceased's account to Roma's.

After questioning her she is said to have confessed to conspiring to kill her mother as she had objected to her live-in relationship and also for money.

 Police arrested Vikram and Rahul along with the main conspirator Roma. DCP Prakash Reddy lauded Rajendranagar ACP Sanjay Kumar, CI Kanakayya, and SOT police for good performance in cracking the case.

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