Hyderabad Couple Duped Trying to Sell Kidneys to Repay Debts

14 Jul, 2021 18:22 IST|Sakshi Post

A man took about Rs 40 lakh from the couple promising to get approval for kidney donation.

Hyderabad: Cybercriminals defrauded a couple from the city of Rs 40 lakh with a false promise of arranging the purchase of kidneys for Rs 1.20 crore.

According to the police, the city couple borrowed loans to the tune of one crore to start a business in the city around a year ago. However, owing to the lockdown, the couple's business did not pick up, and they incurred significant losses.

"To come out of the losses and repay the loans, the company started looking out for people who were in need of kidneys. After finding a number, they came in contact with one person who assured to facilitate the sale of their kidneys for Rs 1.20 crore," said Hyderabad Cybercrime officials.

The man collected about Rs 40 lakh from the couple on numerous occasions in exchange for getting approval for kidney donation. The fraudster, on the other hand, did not take calls and turned off his mobile phone for a few days.

When they realised they had been deceived, they reported it to the Hyderabad cyber crime police, who filed a complaint and begun investigating.

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