Hyderabad Cabbie Stoned To Death In Road Rage

24 Mar, 2021 12:02 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A tragedy unfolded in Hyderabad. A man working as a cab driver was hit by a biker. The biker when asked why he hit the cab he lifted a cement stone and killed the cab driver in rage.

Prakash was working as a cab driver in Hyderabad when he was hit by a biker. He was stoned to death for asking why the biker hit his cab in road rage. Prakash married a year ago. Ten days ago, the cabbie became a father to a daughter.

Gangadevi Prakash, 23, of Sansthan Narayanapuram in Yadadri district, works as a cab driver in Hyderabad. Ten days ago, he went to Narayanapuram to look after his child after his wife gave birth to a baby girl.

He stayed there for several days and returned to the city. He parked his car on the side of the road at Jubilee Hills Road No. 2 and waited for someone who had booked a cab last Saturday.

At the same time, Premkumar Vanga (20) of Vijayawada, a resident of Motinagar, was speeding on a bike and collided with the cab.

This accident led to a quarrel between the two. While Prakash was phoning his friend to explain about the incident, an angry Premkumar hit him hard on the head with a cement stone lying next to him on the road.

Prakash, who was critically injured, died at the hospital on Monday night. Police arrested the accused Premkumar on Saturday and registered a case under the attempted murder section.

However, a new murder case has been registered, and an investigation is underway following Prakash's death. Tragedy struck the family when the man died ten days after the baby girl was born.

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