Hyderabad: Brawl Over Omelet Leads To Murder In Uppal

8 Feb, 2021 11:02 IST|Sakshi Post

In a bizarre yet true incident, an omelet led to a man’s death. This is something that happened in Telangana state on Sunday night. A Rs. 60 omelet and few very angry men caused a commotion at the wine shop in Uppal.

A man was murdered by the liquor shop staff after a brawl caused by an omelet. The incident took place on Sunday night at Uppal area in Hyderabad.

The victim identified as Vikas (34) stayed near the Langer Houz area. On Sunday evening, Vikas and his friend Bablu decided to go to a wine shop for some drinks. They went to the Mahankali wines in Uppal, Hyderabad.

The duo ordered alcohol and was drinking in a private room. Later Vikas decided to order an omelet. The staff arrived with the omelet and asked Vikas to pay Rs.60 for it. The duo who were in inebriated state and the staff, who was adamant to get the money right away, got into a fight.

The staff member and Vikas got into a fight. Later the owner snad Vikas’ friend Bablu joined as well. The outnumbered duo got bashed up by the staff. Both Bablu and Vikas suffered serious injuries. They were taken to the hospital, but it was too late.

It is unclear if Vikas died on spot or while undergoing treatment. But it was reported that the man lost his life. His friend, Bablu is undergoing treatment now. The Uppal police filed a case and an investigation is taking place now. They went to examine the scene of crime.

This is not the first time that someone has caused a commotion after getting drunk or a bizarre fight that has led to a disastrous outcome. There are many incidents of drinking and driving, drinking and fighting and other such cases where it led to someone losing their life.

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