68 Year Old Missing French Woman Found Dead Near Himayathsagar

12 Sep, 2021 13:07 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The mystery behind a 68-year-old missing French woman ended in tragedy and also led to new questions. The lady went missing on September 9 and now her dead body was found near Himayathsagar in Hyderabad on Saturday evening. The police later arrested three accused in relation to this case.

N Prakash Reddy, Deputy Commissioner of Police Shamshabad Zone, Cyberabad said that the Rajendranagar Police received a complaint on September 9 from the woman's son-in-law, Prashanth, claiming their mother-in-law was missing.

The police immediately filed an FIR and went searching for the woman. After all these days, her body was found near Himayathsagar. According to the officials, she was murdered during the late hours of September 8 and her body was dumped along the shrubs near Himayathsagar. The deceased woman was identified as Marie Christine.

She came to India around 30 years ago. Her family settled in Dargah Khalij Khan near Rajendranagar, said the police officer.

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