Human Trafficking: Jagtial Gulf Recruiting Agency Cheating Job Aspirants

21 Mar, 2021 13:22 IST|Sakshi Post

Telangana people still depend on Agents to find employment in Gulf countries. The so-called recruitment agents take advantage of their situation and loot millions of rupees from gullible people. After reaching the Gulf, no one cares about them from either of the countries. Once they realize their plight, many people reach out to the government for help to bring them back as they cannot bear the trouble given by their bosses.

A woman from Jagtial District approached the district collector to seek justice for her husband who had gone to Oman four years ago and was not able to return even after he became paralyzed. A CBI probe has been demanded into the alleged human trafficking by a licensed agency responsible for the plight of a Telangana worker who was paralyzed when working in the Gulf country.

Responding to the complaint, Social worker Swadesh Parikipandla said the paralyzed returnee migrant could not get medical aid due to the fraud of the recruiting agency. He said the local police in Jagtial district ignored the district collector's order for an investigation into the episode a year ago.

A Gulf worker named Kokeni Posanna lost Rs. one lakh worth of medical aid due to the non-issuance of an insurance policy. The Rs.10 Lakhs worth accidental insurance 'Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana' (PBBY) is not being made available to the poor migrant workers due to the selfishness of the recruiting agents and the negligence of the government officials. PBBY was introduced by the Government of India for the protection and welfare of Gulf workers, Swadesh Parikipandla said.

Posanna’s wife Gangajala of Jaina village, Dharmapuri Mandal lodged a complaint with the district collector, Jagtial once again on Tuesday, alleging that the operators of a Gulf recruiting agency which was operating from Jagtial were sending innocent migrant workers to Dubai on visit visas by using their government-issued license for human trafficking

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