How Indian Boy Was Bullied in Texas School

17 May, 2022 12:50 IST|Sakshi Post

In the state of Texas, the most violent incident happened. A teenager of Indian origin was suspended from Coppell Middle School in the Coppell region of the state. While dining in the cafeteria, an American student approached the Indian student and forced him to get up and move on. The Indian student said he sat there while no one else was there and refused to get up. He suggested that he sit next to him in the vacant space.

Usage Of Dehumanising Words

The American student humiliated the Indian origin student by telling him, "You should definitely get out of the chair." He grabbed his backpack and flung it to the side. By putting his hand on his neck, the American student assaulted him. However, the Indian-origin student, who considered it a matter of self-respect, refused to get up. The American student became upset and wrapped his arm around the Indian student's neck, twisted his head, jerked him from his chair, and tossed him to the ground, all while in a chokehold.

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Heinous Act

When the incident occurred, hundreds of students were present. Despite this, no one in the room spoke up for the Indian kid, while others cheered on an outraged American. Others took a video of the incident.

On May 11th, this incident occurred. The issue was immediately brought to the principal's notice. The student's parents were summoned to the school by the principal. Despite the American student's heinous crime, the Indian origin kid was suspended from his school. Furthermore, the kid of Indian origin received a three-day punishment, which outraged his parents, whilst the American student received only one day of punishment.

It is alarming for Indians to witness such an incident in America, where a series of events have constantly declared that equality is a major priority and individual liberty is treasured. In the same week, a Chicago buffalo market shooting targeted black people, killing 18 people.

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