Hindupur: Harassed By Husband And In- laws, Pregnant Medico Commits Suicide

26 Nov, 2020 11:40 IST|Sakshi Post

HINDUPUR: An MBBS student was found dead under suspicious circumstances at her in-laws place in Hindupur town at Anantapur district on Wednesday. She allegedly committed suicide by hanging at her residence due to harassment from her husband and in-laws within a year of marriage.

 As per police reports, the victim Arshia who a native of Madakasira town was pursuing medicine. With two more years left for her to complete her course, her parents found a suitable match and got her married to Nurullah, a software employee from RTC Colony at Hindupur in November 2019. Believing it to be a good match and hoping that their daughter would be happy, her parents also gave Rs 5 lakh as dowry and half a kilo of gold jewellery at the time of the wedding. But within a month of getting married, her husband and in-laws started harassing and suspecting her over petty issues.

Arshia became pregnant less than a month ago,further fuelling Nurullah's suspicions. He started harassing her for extra dowry, car, and pestered her to register properties in his name. On Tuesday, which was Arshia's birthday her parents called to wish her, but she did not speak to them properly and said that she would call back later.

On Wednesday morning, her relatives in Ninkampally, Hindupur, informed Arshia's parents and told them she was not getting up. Her parents and brothers rushed to Hindupur and were shocked to their daughter lying lifeless on the bed.

When they asked Nurullah what had happened he told them that she had hung herself to the roof in rather careless manner. Enraged at his answer, Arshia's family confronted him, which led to a minor scuffle between the two family members.

Upon receiving the information, the One Town police immediately rushed to the scene, locked the house, and shifted the body to the Hindupur hospital for post mortem.

Arshia's mother Akhtar Jaan and brother Imran told the police that she was harassed mentally and physically for dowry from the first month of the marriage and demanded justice.

DSP Vamsidhar Gowda, Tahsildar Srinivas and CI Balamaddileti, inspected the house and assured them that they would conduct an enquiry into the matter.

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