Guntur Road Accident Kills Two, Severed Head of Victim on Road Shocks Onlookers

19 Apr, 2021 13:48 IST|Sakshi Post
Inset: Victims Nagul Bhasha , Sadiq

GUNTUR RURAL: In a ghastly incident, two young boys lost their lives in a car accident due to over speeding, on Sunday evening in Guntur district. The impact was so high that one of the victim's head was severed and found on the roadside, much to the horror of the onlookers.

As per reports, Pathan Sadiq(18) of Returu village in Kakumanu mandal had gone to attend a wedding at a relative's house in Vengalayapalem in Guntur rural mandal, two days ago. He wanted to return to Kakumanu after the post-wedding activities on Sunday.  However, he was asked to fetch some items from a relatives' house in the afternoon. Sadiq set off in his car along with Beg Khader Nagul Basha (15) and Pathan Lalu (19). Pathan Lalu who was driving the car started speeding and when they reached Jagjivan Ram Center in Vengalayapalem, he hit an idol on the roadside as he was unable to control the over speeding vehicle.

Khader Nagul Basha and Sadiq were killed on the spot and Pathan Lalu was injured in the accident. The impact was so high that one of the victim's head was severed and fell on the road much to the shock of the onlookers. The car was crushed badly from the rear end after the collision with the idol.

 What was more appalling was that  Pathan Lalu was earlier involved in a  similar car accident and had lost his leg. The youngster was fitted with an artificial leg and was driving the car with it.

Nagul Basha who was studying in ninth class was the second of the three sons of Mohammad Beg. Sadiq father Mastanwali was left in tears to see his son's body and the entire village was in a pall of gloom over the death of the youngsters.

Nallapadam police reached the spot and sent the bodies GGH mortuary in Guntur for post mortem. They are said to be speaking to Pathan Lalu for further details.

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