Guntur Boy Killed By Inter Students Over I Love You WhatsApp Status

1 Feb, 2021 16:30 IST|Sakshi Post

Sai is studying Intermediate in Vijayawada.

Sai posted a photo of his friend's girlfriend.

The caption to the photo was 'I love you'

Seeing this Sai's friend kills him.

Guntur: WhatsApp status put up by a student results in him ending his life. The status of a boy putting a photo of his friend's girlfriend and saying "I love you" caused his death.

The incident took place in the Guntur district. Vempati Sai is the only son of Guravaya Shiva and Kumari, a couple from Thadepalli in the Guntur district. Sai is studying Inter First Year in a private college in Vijayawada. It was during this time that he was introduced to some of the other students there.

However, one of the acquaintances of Sai, an ITI student, fell in love with a young woman near his house. Sai, however, posted a photo of the young woman on his status. Sai also wrote a quotation for the photo called I Love You. The ITI student was shocked to see the status. He wanted to take revenge on Sai for photographing his girlfriend and writing I Love You in his status.

It was at this time that Sai was told to come to the Undavalli center. When Sai reached there, his friend along with three others attacked Sai.

Sai has been missing ever since. Concerned parents looked everywhere for their only son and when they could not seem to find him anywhere. The parents of the boy then lodged a missing complaint at Thadepalli Police Station. Police have arrested four students who attacked Sai as part of the investigation into the case.

Sai was found dead near a canal. How did Sai die? Police are investigating how Sai lay lifeless near the canal. Sai's friends are also in mourning for him.

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