Burglars Terrorise Adilabad Village, Strike Two Houses

10 Aug, 2020 13:46 IST|Sakshi Post

ADILABAD: Panic gripped a village in Adilabad district of Telangana after a hard-core gang of burglars unleashed terror by striking two houses that were under lock. A gang of seven burglars struck two locked houses in Mandagada village of Jainath mandal Adilabad district and decamped with cash, gold and silver jewellery from the houses in the early hours of Monday, August 10.

According to police, the thieves chose the houses that were under lock and key as the inmates went out of town. The burglars broke into the locked houses and went on the plundering spree. The spine-chilling scenes of the criminals targetting the two houses were recorded on CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity. 

Police said that the thieves came armed with axes, stones and ropes with the clear intention of assaulting anyone who resisted their criminal act. As was seen in the CCTV camera footage, the burglars broke open the house of Anil and robbed Rs 29,000 in cash, 9 grams of gold and 50 tulas of silver. Interestingly, the gang ensured that no neighbours came in their way by locking all the adjoining houses from outside before tying the entrances with ropes. One of the neighbours however managed to come out after hearing loud sounds from Anil's house only to retreat after the burglars attacked him with a rain of stones. Vittal Reddy ran into his house and alerted other villagers over phone.  

Later, the burglars struck the locked house of Ashanna and stole Rs 1,500 in cash, 7 grams of gold and 16 tulas of silver. Police reached the spot later and registered a case before launching into an investigation of the incident. Circle Inspector Mallesh said that they were probing the case and trying to figure out if the burglars were locals are those from the neighbouring Maharashtra. He said that the clues team is examining the CCTV footage and there was some difficulty in gathering evidence due to rainfall.  

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