Gachibowli: Gurukula Student Slashed In The Neck While Asleep Over Petty Fight

28 Apr, 2022 13:02 IST|Sakshi Post
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HYDERABAD: An incident where an intermediate first-year student was allegedly slashed in the neck when he was asleep was reported at the  Social Welfare Gurukula Hostel in Gaulidoddi in Gachibowli. The incident came to light recently and the victim identified Satvik (16),was stated to be out of danger.

As per reports, the victim was standing in the line for snacks on the evening of the 25th of this month in the institution.  A second-year student who was serving a  sweet item accidentally spilled some on Satvik’s hand resulting in a mild altercation between the two.

The student informed his friend about the incident and that boy is said to have hit Satvik. Both of them got into a fight and with the teachers' intervention they were counseled and sent off.

On that night Satvik who was sleeping in the hostel at night felt some pain in the throat at 1.30p. When he woke up he noticed blood coming out of his neck and informed his friends about it. They immediately rushed him to a private hospital in Gachibowli where the doctors sewed 18 stitches. Doctors said there was no danger to his life and the student's health was stable. It seemed that he was attacked with a sharp blade. Satvik filed a complaint with the Gachibowli police stating that the same student who had assaulted him was the one who slashed his neck.

It is learned that the accused student was interrogated by the police and sent off. The parents of the suspect alleged that their son was being framed in the case and that he had nothing to do with the incident. A case was registered and Gachibowli Police are investigating the incident.

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