Fraudsters Dupe Ex-Telangana Cop With Fake Currency Notes

17 Mar, 2021 15:55 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Have you ever noticed the currency notes children use to play as part of their games? They look identical to the actual currency notes we use in our everyday life.

Some shopkeepers give such notes to children to impress them when they buy groceries or chocolates at their grocery stores.

However, a person was duped with such fake currency. Fraudsters gave the children's fake currency notes and took Rs. 1500 from an old man. The incident took place at the Afzalgunj police station limits in Hyderabad.

According to police, Patel Parvatreddy, a former policeman from Arusapally in Nagarkurnool district, was living on the footpath at the Chadharghat Saibaba temple. Three people approached him in an auto on Tuesday.

They wanted some smaller denomination currency in exchange for their higher denomination currency notes. They gave him two hundred rupees note of fake currency (children's currency) and took 100 rupees note in return.

However, they also noticed that Patel had three Rs 500 notes at the time. And they planned to snatch that away too.

One of the fraudsters who spoke to Parvatreddy said to him, "If you immediately give me the three Rs.500 notes you have, then I will give you another hundred rupees extra for it."

Listening to this, Parvatreddy immediately fell into their trap and gave them the three 500 rupees notes he had and he took eight two hundred rupee notes they gave him.

With this, the three fraudsters took 1,500 rupees and left in the auto. The person standing next to Parvatreddy then explained to him that the notes were not original and were fake currency.

The victim immediately went to the Chadharghat police station and lodged a complaint. A case was registered and transferred to the Afzalgunj police station.

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