Eluru: Third Wife Pours Boiling Water On Husband's Private Parts

17 Oct, 2021 13:11 IST|Sakshi Post
Victim M Nagendra Rao

ELURU: A domestic dispute between a couple has left a man with severe burn injuries after his wife poured boiling water on his private parts. The incident happened in Eluru town on Saturday morning and the doctors treating him say that his condition is critical.

According to the police, the victim Macherla Nagendra Rao, a tailor and embroiderer by profession was living in Tapimestri Colony, with his wife Padmavati, their son who was studying engineering, and a daughter studying in tenth class. He owned a  Tailor shop in  Pattebada in the town and was supporting his family,

Differences arose between Nagendra Rao and Padmavati and they were said to be fighting for some time now. A dispute erupted between them once again on Friday night. On Saturday morning, while her husband was asleep, Padmavati poured boiling hot water on his genitals. The man was shocked at the turn of events, suffered severe burn injuries, and started screaming in pain. His family members immediately rushed him to the Eluru Government Hospital for treatment.

Eluru II Town CI Bonam Adiprasad, SI NR Kishore Babu reached the spot along with their team and inspected the surroundings. The accused was taken into police custody for questioning. While probing the police got to know that Padmavati was the third wife of Nagendra Rao. He is said to have divorced his first and second wives as they were unable to bear children. He married Padmavati with the intention of having children and she gave birth to two children.

Over a period of time conflicts arose between them and had intensified in recent times leading to the cruel attack by his wife. Police are investigating what provoked her to take such drastic action. They are also probing whether there were any financial reasons or extramarital affairs that led to the rather ‘painful’ attack on the man and an investigation is underway.

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