Drunk Man Attacks Traffic Police in Jubilee Hills

26 Feb, 2021 14:31 IST|Sakshi Post


Young man assaults traffic police in Jubilee Hills.

He drove while his bike silencer was removed causing excessive noise pollution.

Hyderabad: A young man made a commotion in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Traffic police detained a young man who had removed the bike silencer and was driving with excessive noise. The young man was furious. He behaved like a villain in a movie. He attacked the traffic police officer and the staff of the Traffic CI. He punched the home guard.

The incident took place in the Jubilee Hills area of Hyderabad when a young man attacked the police while he was caught driving with a removed bike silencer and making excessive noise. A young man on a two-wheeler (TS07EX0906) bike was coming towards the Jubilee hills check post from the TV5 office on Jubilee Hills Road No. 1 with excessive noise. Home Guard Rathore was instructed by the Traffic CI, who was on duty there, to stop the bike. The young man, who was intoxicated with alcohol, became agitated as he tried to stop the vehicle. Immediately he attacked the home guard punching him

As he abused the home guard, the CI went to detain him, but the man pushed him and attacked him. He created a commotion by calling his friends without hearing what other motorists along with police personnel said. The traffic police arrested him and handed him over to Jubilee Hills police. The accused was identified as Mesam Darvis, owner of Metro Polite Cafe in Masab Tank, Srinagar Colony police said. Darvis and his friends were booked and investigated under various sections.

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