UP Doctor Brutally Strangled To Death At Her Own House

23 Nov, 2020 12:46 IST|Sakshi Post

Agra: Nisha Singhal, a 38-year old dentist from Kaveri Kunj was brutally strangled to death on Friday, 20th Nov in their home. The perpetrator’s name is being identified as Shubham Pathak. Police said they were able to catch Pathak, five hours after the crime was committed.

The victim’s two children, an eight year-old daughter and a four-year old son had witnessed the crime. They were also injured after being attacked by Pathak with a knife.

Pathak entered the house saying he was there to recharge the set-top box. Police were able to identify his face through a CCTV camera that was installed outside the house. Police were able to catch him and seize all the money and jewelry. Officer and Inspector-General of Police A. Satish Ganesh said that they are collecting evidence now and soon action will be taken. 

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