Construction Workers Killed By Drunk Friend After Argument In Shamshabad

3 Mar, 2021 14:51 IST|Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: These types of people usually take some alcohol to run away from the stress of their day's work. A man was killed, by his friend, after a fight between them in an inebriated condition at the Umdanagar railway station in Shamshabad here on Tuesday.

The construction workers are hard workers they do heavy work. All-day there are many people who do such heavy labor jobs. They forget all their stress and hard work by keeping themselves drunk. The next day again they are fit by having slept through this drinking. They usually forget their body pains after such a hard work of the day. But this drinking leads people to various problems also. Usually, a drunkard doesn’t stay calm after getting drunk, he starts irritating people and picks fights with people around him.

The victim, Dass, and his friend Munna, both labourers were working at the construction site of the railway platform for the last few days. Police said the duo got themselves drunk and ended up arguing and attacking each other with spades used for the construction. Dass suffered grievous injuries and died on the spot.

The Shamshabad police have booked a case and are investigating.

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