Chinese Arrested In Instant Loans App Scam Not Cooperating In Investigation: Telangana Police

26 Dec, 2020 13:37 IST|Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: In the online loan apps case, police had recently arrested four individuals and among them was a Chinese national, Dennis who is a native of Shanghai. The Cyberabad police continued their investigation by questioning Dennis.

Dennis was questioned while the police tried gaining information on the scammers’ source of money. Dennis kept quiet throughout the investigation and did not reveal any information about the source. He was not ready to cooperate at all.

Police officials shared that Dennis was asked about the source of money, funds and other information regarding their allies. But Dennis did not share anything. For any question, he kept saying that he doesn’t have details about it and that he was not given any information about the finances.

He kept his lips tight even when Police tried to get the password to his iPhone. “Since his detention and subsequent arrest, he had not revealed the password of his iPhone. We suspect there is a lot of data and information stored in the mobile phone and it holds the key to the illegal microfinance racket,” shared senior officer, Cyberabad police.

All the four accused are now under police custody. “The point for investigation is the source of money that was used to give loans to the applicants. We would like to know if the money was routed into the country from China, Singapore, or any other country or illegal businesses within the country,” said police senior officer.

The police officer further added that, many of the employees under these call centres were handling the task of harassing and pressurizing the borrowers. It was their daily job and they knew it was wrong. The police will take action against these employees.

The investigation is under process and the police are now trying to locate all the bank accounts of these illegal companies. Police raided four offices earlier and are now conducting a search on all the employees, profile and other details of these four call centers. 

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