CA Scans QR Code At Online Buyer's Behest, Loses Six Lakhs

20 Mar, 2021 09:33 IST|Sakshi Post

A Chartered Accountant who hoped to get Rs 3,000 ended up losing Rs 6 Lakhs from Cyber fraudsters in Hyderabad. The CA from Gachibowli had recently posted a bicycle with a price tag of Rs 3,500 and immediately received a call from an unidentified person who expressed his interest in buying the advertised product.

Police said the duo negotiated on a price and the fraudster told the victim that he would send a QR code to his phone, which he had to scan to receive the advance payment. At first, when the CA scanned the code, Rs 2 lakh was debited from his bank account. When he informed the same to the fraudster, he said he would resend Rs 2 lakh and the advance money now and asked the victim to scan another code sent by him.

When he did, another Rs 2 lakh was deducted from his account. The victim called back again, and the fraudster said it was a technical glitch, and asked him to scan the QR code again, for the third consecutive time. Rs 2 lakh was deducted for the third time, making it a total of Rs 6 lakh. When the victim tried calling, the fraudster’s mobile was switched off.

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