Bloodbath in Salem Village After Girl Elopes With Lover

8 Apr, 2021 15:06 IST|Sakshi Post

Chennai: Love does not sacrifice anyone's life. Sacrificing lives is not real love. Couple suicides, loved one's murders are things that happen on an impulse and get over in a flash. However, in this case, a couple's love resulted in the boy's father getting murdered at the hands of the girl's father.

The girl's father brutally killed the young man's father. It is to be noted that both the murderer and the deceased were blood relatives. Here's what happened.

A man named Thangavelu (55) lived in Konganapuram Pudupalya near Edapadi in Salem district. He had two sons, Prakash (25) and Periyanan (33). Thangavelu's youngest son Prakash fell in love with a young woman. She also loved Prakash. The two went on with their relationship.

Occasionally, the couple met without the knowledge of adults. After hours of phone conversations and WhatsApp messages, they decided to elope and get married as the couple feared their parents might not agree to their union.

As per the couple's plan, Prakash and the young woman Sandhya left home in March because they did not dare to talk about their love at home or convince their parents to get them married.

The couple secretly got married on March 24th at a temple. The newly married couple turned to the police for protection fearing the wrath of their parents. However, the two families came to know about the marriage, and they were not happy with the union. They talked to the police and asked the village officials to set up a panchayat to resolve this matter in front of everyone. The village elders, after hearing the pleas of both the families handed over Prakash's wife Sandhya back to her father, Selvam.

However, the newly married couple could not bear the separation. The couple left home again on March 29. Sandhya's father, Selvam, got angry when he came to know that the couple had escaped again. He said that his daughter was bringing disrepute to the family. An angry Selvam went to Prakash's home and threatened his father, Thangavelu.

Selvam warned Thangavelu to hand over his daughter to him by the end of the week. As the drama unfolded, Prakash's father, Thangavelu, approached the police out of fear for his life. But, the police sent word to Thangavelu saying that they will set up a panchayat hearing in this matter after the elections were over in Tamil Nadu.

Sandhya's father, Selvam, who went to Pudupalya on Tuesday night, with his relatives questioned Thangavelu and Prakash's elder brother Periyanan on the whereabouts of his daughter. In the process, a clash took place between the two factions. The commotion went out of control.

Sandhya's father Selvam, attacked Prakash's father Thangavelu, and Prakash's elder brother Periyanan. Selvam attacked them with a knife he had brought with him.

Meanwhile, Selvam and his companions fled the scene when the locals came to know that a riot was going on in Thangavelu’s house.

However, Thangavelu and Periyanan were seriously injured as they were attacked with a knife by Selvam and his companions. Prakash's father, Thangavelu, died on the way to the hospital as the locals rushed the two to the hospital. Periyanan is still being treated at the hospital.

Locals believe that the incident would not have stretched so far if Thangavelu had called the police immediately after Selvam resorted to threats and violence.

Thangavelu's relatives blamed the negligence of the police. Selvam, who was responsible for the incident, is currently on the run. Police have launched a manhunt to find the accused.

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