Bengaluru Kidnappers Target Rich Nursing Student To Pay Off Debts: Details Inside

27 Mar, 2021 12:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Bengaluru: Bengaluru Police arrested four kidnappers who abducted a nursing student and demanded Rs 2 crore from his family.

Banaswadi police solved the case within seven hours. Details of the incident are as follows. Rabeez Arafat (22) from the city is doing his MS (Nursing) in the UK. For a while, he stayed in Bangalore post lockdown and has been attending online classes from home.

On Thursday afternoon, Rabeez stepped off of his two-wheeler to receive a phone call on his mobile. At this point, the kidnappers, who were waiting nearby whisked him off in a car. He was a Resident of HBR Layout Third Block.

The culprits then phoned his father and informed him of the kidnapping and asked for a ransom of two Crores. They said they would set his son free only if after he paid the ransom. After the call to his father, they switched-off his son's cell phone. The father tried in vain to reach his son’s phone. The father immediately lodged a complaint at the KG Halli police station.

Upon receiving the complaint, the police started their investigation. The police immediately started their search and rescue operations. They arrested the kidnappers within seven hours of receiving the complaint.

Five special teams led by DCP Sharanappa Banaswadi and ACP Sakri were part of the investigation, which led to the successful search and rescue operation of the victim. The teams initially sifted through numerous hours of footage of the CCTV cameras and found a clue based on CCTV cameras. So, within seven hours the kidnappers were arrested, and the police rescued the young man.

Kidnapping scheme to pay off debts

According to police, the accused Abdul Fahad, Jabiulla, Korewel Salman and Thaufik, and others made the kidnap plot to settle their debts.

The kidnappers initially asked around town about rich people to zero in on their bait. In their research, they came across Rabeez Arafat, and they gathered details about him and plotted to kidnap him for ransom.

The kidnappers bought a getaway car before they executed their plot to kidnap Rabeez. According to the plan, Rabeez was made to come out of his house and then abducted. The kidnappers easily found Rabeez as all roads were cordoned off.

A kidnapping case has been registered against the team leader and mastermind Abdul Pahad from the kidnapping team. However, the accused also has another kidnapping case registered against him at the KG Halli police station in the past as well.

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