Anantapur: Bride Kidnapped Hours Before Marriage

26 Feb, 2021 14:09 IST|Sakshi Post

The bride who went out to buy makeup supplies on Wednesday did not return.

People came in a car and kidnapped her.

Anantapur: A shocking incident took place in Anantapur district, a marriage was literally stopped due to the bride's kidnapping. A bride went to town for a make-up kit and was kidnapped, this incident has caused quite a stir with the locals. The groom was engaged and to be married to a young woman from Roddam Mandal, Gaurajupalli. The full details of the incident in the Anantapur district are as follows.

The house was bustling with family members and relatives. The wedding was in a few hours. All the guests had already arrived. All the relatives were sitting in the wedding hall and making merry. The relatives were talking about the bride and her fiancé.

The bride seemed to be missing out on some makeup while she was getting ready to sit down for the wedding ceremony. She does not like to go to the ceremony without them. So, she took her own scooty and came out on her own to buy the make-up she needed as there was still much time left for the ceremony.

She left the house saying she would bring makeup luggage. But she did not return. It would be a mistake to think that she has any love affair. She did not go with anyone. She was kidnapped. Her own relatives kidnapped her with a fool-proof sketch.

While she was shopping, some people who were already talking forcibly to her, pushed the girl into a car and took her away kidnapping her. Later reports were heard that her brother-in-law already knew that she was coming to the center to buy her make-up. As soon as she came out of the shop he forced into the car and kidnapped her. He also enlisted the help of two other friends for this.

Family members who became aware of the matter immediately lodged a complaint with the police. Police immediately carried out search operations. If the accused are caught, the girl will be released from their custody and handed over to her parents, otherwise, the case will be registered and investigated.

The kidnappers were warned to surrender by themselves. SI Narayana revealed that the girl will be released from the kidnappers as soon as possible. It seems that her kidnapping was due to family problems. It appears that the young woman was kidnapped by her brother-in-law and two others. The marriage was halted after the bride was kidnapped.

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