Amroha Murder Case: First Woman In India To Get Death Penalty

24 Feb, 2021 17:31 IST|Sakshi Post

Shabman of Uttar Pradesh will become the first woman in Independent India who will be hanged for her crimes. The woman received death penalty for her crimes but the appeal is still in order. The female hanging house Mathura Jail which was built more than a century ago was not used in India since Independence. But Shabman is most likely to become the first woman to be hanged here.

The date of the hanging is not fixed yet, but the Jail Superintendent said that the arrangements are being done and order for the rope to hang the convict was also done. Now who is Shabnam and why has the court decided on giving her a death penalty when no woman was hanged before?

Shabnam’s Crime

What was probably one of the most gruesome and shocking cases of 2008, a woman named Shabnam and her lover Salim ended the members of Shabnam’s family. It was on the night of April 14, 2008 when the incident took place in a small village of Bawankhedi, Amroha in Uttar Pradesh. Shabnam, a post graduate and Salim, an eighth pass loved each other and wanted to get married but Shabnam’s family was against this match.

To remove the ‘obstacle’ from their way, the couple decided on a plan. On the night of April 14/15, 2008, Shabnam gave all her family members a drink with sleeping pills mixed in it. The pair then killed the family members while they were unconscious.

Total of 6 family members including Shabnam’s father Shaukat, mother Hashmi, sister Rabia, two bothers Anees and Rashid and Sister in Law Anjum were killed with an axe. Shabnam also killed her 11 month-old nephew by choking him.

She wanted to remove the obstacles from her way and also wanted to secure a future. She believed that getting rid of all the family members would leave the house to her. This way, she and her lover can live peacefully.

Court’s Decision

The case went on in the court of Amroha for a long time. After almost two years, the Day of Judgment arrived. The judge examined and questioned at least 29 witnesses and took their statement. After hearing all the details and statements, the Day of Judgment arrived on 14th July 2010. The Judge SAA Hussaini sentenced Salim and Shabnam to death.

Both Salim and Shabnam went to Allahabad High Court to challenge the District court’s verdict. But the Allahabad High Court denied their plea. Similarly even Supreme Court uplead the decision of Death penalty. It is to be noted that in 2016, the duo tried to plead mercy by sending a petition to the President, but the plea was rejected.

Salim is in Agra Jail Shabnam is currently put in Rampur Jail as the Superintendent waits for a Death Warrant. The penalty was stayed as Shabnam’s son has now pleaded for mercy.

Shabnam’s Son Pleaded For Mercy

When Shabnam and Salim were arrested in April 2008, Shabnam was already 2 months pregnant. She gave birth to a baby boy in December 2008. The son spent six years in jail along with the mother as demanded by the law.

After six years when the boy had to live in the normal world, no one in Salim or Shabnam’s family was ready to take him in. In the end, a couple Husband Usman and wife Vandana adopted the child.

The son who is now 12 years-old pleaded for mercy in his mother’s case. He appealed to President Ram Nath Kovind for mercy.

As of now the decision on hanging was put on hold as Shabnam filed a petition for mercy to the Uttar Pradesh governor Anandiben Patel.

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